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Commercial Auto Insurance To Insure Company Vehicles

A company's auto insurance makes it possible to insure the fleet of vehicles (commercial vehicles, utility vehicles, construction machinery, etc.) with a single insurance contract. Be careful, however, because to take out auto insurance, you must own or use at least four vehicles. The contracts are not subscribed individually for each vehicle but globally at the level of the company. This often proves to be more advantageous for the company, particularly in terms of cost.

Here's everything you need to know about a company's auto insurance.

What is business auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is a contract that can benefit companies that use, as part of their professional activity, more than four vehicles, heavy and light.

The commercial auto insurance contract can be adapted to all types of vehicles. These include commercial/utility vehicles as well as construction machinery, heavy goods vehicles (with or without trailers), or even two-wheelers (scooter-type mopeds, motorcycles, etc.).

Similarly, auto insurance can cover any activity carried out on a professional basis: taxi, VTC, road hauler, etc.

What are the risks covered by commercial auto insurance?

First of all, the company must take out civil liability cover for each motorized land vehicle, whether it is a passenger vehicle, a truck, a construction machine, etc. It, therefore, acts as the first insured risk.

Then, depending on the risks related to your activity, Arkansas Commercial Truck Insurance can cover other risks:

  • Protection in the event of injury or death of the driver,

  • Protection of equipment, goods, and materials transported,

  • Assistance to people and vehicles,

  • Professional legal protection in the event of a dispute, Etc.

How to find professional auto insurance?

All insurance organizations can offer you auto insurance. In practice, it is advisable to seek a service provider who also ensures your professional civil liability. Two solutions are then available to you in order to find the best value for money: Either you compare several offers by requesting quotes from different auto insurance companies batesville, or you choose to use a professional insurance broker to audit your situation, accurately determine your needs and offer you the most suitable solutions at the best price.

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